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Posted by carla Andrews on Sunday, December 21, 2014 Under: Carla's Sugar Free Transformation

Well, I am back in the UK after a week that I will gladly never forget in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. What a journey. This is my second blog detailing my personal challenge of going sugar free. At this point in time I cannot give too much away as it is being aired on TV in 2015. However, what I can tell you is I have spent the past week with some of the most amazing people in my life. From the crew, the lovely ladies whom I am sharing this amazing journey, and the experts. All have had a profound impact on me.

From the offset Scott was the biggest sweetheart. Having spent a further week with him we found him to be gentle, funny, with the biggest heart. He earned the nickname ‘Pocket Prince’, because you could just pick him up, pop him in your pocket and take him home with you. We also saw a resemblance to Tom Cruise in his younger days, and had no reservations in making Scott blush every time we said about his likeness.  

Then there was Matt, the camera man. The best way to describe Matt is as a softly spoken gentleman, who was welcoming and patient in nature. He would happily chatter away and laugh at our bizarre comments, jokes, accidents and antics.

Chantel the professional producer by day, and the exquisite sparkle by night. Throughout the day it was ‘right ladies’, but by night it was her infectious laugh that would fill the room, as her eyes twinkled with warmth.

Anna, the poker face. Oh my, she could wind us up with the best poker face I have seen. Just when Louise would ask ‘are you joking?’, Anna would grin ear to ear, with a beaming grim of cheekiness.

Tyler Bender, the American sound man. With a name like that you can tell he was a legend before we meet him, but now an icon in our hearts. If you need anything said straight to the damn point, Tyler was your man. His most used phrased ‘you had a bowl of wiseass this morning?’.

Now, let me introduce you briefly to two beauties, Laura and Louise. I won’t tell you too much, because you have to watch the show (ITV, Good Morning Britain from the 5th of Jan 2015). What I will tell you is, as a collective we are… I was going to say whirlwind, but if Tyler were here he would say, even a Tornado is putting it mildly!

The only way I can explain it is in the film ‘Monster Inc.’, they realise that laughter creates energy. If that were true, us ladies, the crew, and the experts laughed so hard, we could have powered the whole of American for the next 50 years. Our personalities all clicked, we would tell jokes, laugh at one another’s expense, and most importantly laugh at ourselves. We believed in having fun, and making the most of every opportunity. Off camera we would sing an array of Californian themed songs, or all bust into ‘Ridin Dirty’. We had formed our own personal bound based on our past, and our future.

Now, enter the experts. Which at this point I cannot say a thing about (sorry, but remember to watch!!). What I can tell you is… the knowledge, sincerity and wit amounted to people who have touched me, like the purest feather gently falling upon my soul. You stand next to these guys and look into their eyes and you see such inner beauty, it radiates right through you. I can only hope that I will be lucky to have them in my life forever, because within moments have taken part of my heart.

What we got up to, I can’t tell you either (did I mention to tune in??). What I can tell you is there should be Bafftas, Oscars, and Stunt Awards. I can also tell you that today, all the muscles in my body ache, from laughing or exercise I am not sure. I would safely say a bit of both.

What I have taken from the past week is priceless in terms of experiences, knowledge, and the feeling I get inside when thinking about each and every person I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting.

The next step, well I know the route, but now I have to pack my bag of tools, and put my boots on to actually start my forward path. 

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