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100 Days of Sugar Free

Posted by carla Andrews on Friday, April 10, 2015 Under: Carla's Sugar Free Transformation
100 days, where did they go? In many senses it feels like a life time ago that I started this journey as my life has been so busy since January. However, in other ways I feel like it was just a few days ago that I started. Confusing huh? Maybe this is partly because I try and tackle my life in slots, to begin with it was one day at a time, then it became 30 day slots, now meeting my milestone of 100 days, my next has to be 150. In all reality I spent the most part of my life with weight and food issues, so I guess I am still very much at the beginning of my journey. Yet, I embraced what I learnt in LA with open arms as reality hit me that I would shorten my life significantly if I didn't change. The result is something I had never felt before, control, a power of my own body, rather than mindlessly taking it for granted. 

So, what has changed since going sugar free? My weight to start with, but more on that in a bit. My mindset has got to be one of the most significant, if you had told me at the beginning that I would find it this easy, I would have disagreed having done and failed on every diet plan going. But now, I'm fitter, I have done things in the last month that I would have not thought possible a year ago. For example, I actually found myself getting up at 6 and going for an 8 mile walk at 7am, yes, AM! I don't want to lay in bed now and laze about. My mind wakes up and sees the sun, and first thing that comes into my head is going out and making the most of every minute. This new approach has lead to me re-connecting with old friends, and make new ones. It has also given me head space and time for me, rather than just switching between mother and worker. When I walk on my own, ear phones go in and Michael Jackson/Madonna goes on, as I walk I sing along, just like I did when I was a kid with my walkman (Yes, I am that old). One of my favourite places to walk is along the Thames Estuary, seeing the sea and the beaches makes me smile inside and out, and seems to cleanse my soul. Can you believe next month I also have my first wake-boarding lesson booked in?! I cannot wait to give it a go. My local venue is only a stones throw from my house, and last year I stood there watching and wishing, and now I am going to do it (give me a 'Hell Yeah!'). I maybe in the water more than on the board, but like my running, I know I will get better! My mindset has been key so far, and I knwo will take me the rest of my journey. Reading Dr. Peeke's book 'The Hunger Fix' really helped get my head right and connected all my dots, which has given me the control I need. I am very lucky to say that the lovely Dr Peeke has also kept in touch with me and continues to offer me guidance, support and encouragement. The last time we spoke we discussed Triathlons! Yes, that's right. I mentioned that I did a 'Go Tri' which consisted of a 200 meter swim and a mile and a half run, and that I am giving it another go in May! With my first proper Triathlon in June. Yes, I know, feel free to wish me luck, or book me into the nearest mental institute. Secretly, I want the completion medal, I have never won a medal before. Crossing the finishing line for the past three months has been my driver, but now I am gonna earn myself a medal!! Before all that though I am doing a 5K swimathon with Laura & Louise (the 2 other GMB Sugar Free ladies). They are coming to sunny Basildon next week where we will all do the 5K at Basildon Sporting Village between us.  

Food glorious food, I have been bad, I hold my hands up. Not with eating sugar, but I did slip a little with my food preparation. February & March were busy months for me work wise (Uh oh, there is the BMW - Bitch, Moan, whine) so my stock piling healthy foods became running out the door foods once again. However, I have learnt I can cope, but also that it is easier to make the time. Also, after having spent yesterday back in the kitchen experimenting, I realised how much I missed it as I prepared a four bean chicken chilli based on Cheryl Forberg's recipe. Although note to self, using dried beans - they expand. I actually had enough to make 15 portions. Thank heavens for a freezer! Cheryl also gave me another gift... breakfast. Something I had always skipped and when on a diet tried eating bland cardboard cereals. Every morning I now have a slice of brown bread, slice of cheese, medallion of bacon and a poached egg. Starting the day is essential. I still also stick to the no whites rule, opting for sweet potato, brown pasta or quinoa rather than rice. Oh, and I don't drink my calories!! 

Inspiring others has been a massive boost for me, as I think it is my DNA to help people. So, what am I doing to help others? I blog on, I have set up a facebook group - 'Motivated Minds: Healthier You', where I also share 'My Fitness Pal' account so people, if they wish can see the kind of foods I am eating and exercise levels. Also, I started 'Exercise Buddies', which has taken off nicely. But, most of all I am open and honest. What's more, in my local community I have used my business links to make changes and develop new ideas on how as a community we can work together for the health of the residents. And, you know what? You can make a difference too, think about it and give me a call. We really do have to make a change. It's not about being skinny, it is about being healthy and living a life where we strive for more. Sorry, preaching over (work head took over there for a second). For anyone that knows me personally, you know my work is very much part of me. As Mr Richard Branson's says, "Find something you love, and learn how to make a wage from it". That's what I did, relentlessly. 

Weight, oh the weight. I had hoped to 'remove' 50lbs in the hundred days. However, I only managed 48lb. I know, I know, 48lb is great, but I would not be me if I did not push myself, what I have also learnt in the 100 days is... damn, didn't do it, but I must still love myself rather than beat myself up. And you know what, I'll aim for 107 days! But one thing is for sure, I will achieve it. From 18 stone to 15 stone, I consistently lost 3lb every week. Since I hit the 14 stone mark my weight has slowed down, I always knew it would but I am driven by my fitness levels now and the rewards I get out of exercising. 

The future, to lose 52lb. To win a medal. To try new things. To inspire others & make a difference. 

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