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2017 Already!?

Posted by carla Andrews on Monday, January 9, 2017 Under: Carla's Sugar Free Transformation

2017, life’s next chapter. Got to be honest 2016 was nothing to write home about. It was filled with re-lived past trauma, which scrabbled my brain. Unhappiness took a firm hold as I was lost in my own darkness. Nightmares re-emerged from a twenty-five year sleep, and I was trapped. However, I am very lucky to say I have the best friends, they supported me and said all the right things which all helped. But, what broke that helpless cycle though was a new person that entered my life, with bells on. The sun shone again, his presence in my life has filled me with a warmth that I had long forgot. One of the best feelings in the world is to belly laugh, well actually I snort - yes and I hate it but he makes me snort. Together, we created some unique memories that I know will stay in my heart forever. So, 2016 didn’t end bad, it just taught me valuable lessons. The most of important of which, is to not give up because there is a grand plan for you, even when you are lost. Whether it is a Guardian Angel, God, or the Universe at work - something bigger than us has a plan. That, I have faith in. Also, friends and laughter are the best combination, I can't imagine my life without them.

Anyway, 2016 damage report, well I can’t be an emotional eater and not have come out unscathed can I? Yep, 3 stone of self-mutilation now weighing me down. Having lost 5 stone in 2015, I had undone more than half my work and I feel every pound of it. However, fresh images remain in my mind of my previous achievements, as well as the feeling of fitting into beautiful clothes and it ignited a spark within me. It is time for me to ditch the drab and re-ignite my soul.

It has been two years since my first appearance on Good Morning Britain. The world, (oh okay - the UK and a few friends across the globe) watched two other beautiful ladies and myself go Sugar Free in a bid to lose the pounds. The prelude to the show was a trip to L.A., learning everything needed to set us on our way to a healthier lifestyle. This knowledge has proved invaluable and is what I am living by as we enter 2017. At a whooping 15 stone 13 the game is on. However, I have several tricks up my sleeve. Oh, okay - not quite tricks but tools I use to help me. First and foremost is my beloved Garmin. Having been presented with a Vivo-fit in 2015 by Cheryl Forberg who shared her wisdom and experience of being ‘American’s Biggest Loser’ Registered Dietitian, and chef with the moto ‘Flavor First’ (Yeah, sorry I will use her American spelling). Anyway, when Garmin launched their VivoActiveHR I had to upgrade. It tracks everything and I love it, and the thing I believe sets Garmin apart is that it is waterproof so can use it when I swim and when I do obstacle races. The next tool is most definitely the app MyFitnessPal. Again tracks everything and sync's with my Garmin. I follow Cheryl’s simple rules - three, 300 calories meals (breakfast, Lunch and dinner) and two 150 calorie snacks, no white bread, potato or pasta. I will say I have set an alarm this time on my phone to eat at certain times, otherwise I forget and before I know it am starving and will eat the house. Everything get’s logged into MyFitnessPal - and this time even my naughties - yes I am not totally abstaining this time round. I am going to learn the art of self-control and a little bit doesn’t kill you. My third and newest addition is, drumroll please… my Sony NWWS413 Walkman 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player. What a Christmas present that was - the best ever.  Now, just image this for a second if you will -  The Prodigy, Firestarter - whilst swimming. Now, you get it!! If you don’t, you need to google it! I could swim the English channel, okay not quite. I know my friend Angela would have me booked on a challenge like that given half the chance. She is my motivator. No, she is more like my very own personal drill sergeant. If you want another tool in your bag to help you with your fitness goals, find yourself an Angela. YOU CAN’T HAVE MINE. Seriously, a good friend(s, the more the merrier) to accompany you for walks, runs, bike rides, swims, whatever your activity is, it’s the best way to make the time pass. I have my tribe and I love them to bits. So, there are my tools which are going to help me succeed my 2017 health goals. 2017 is unknown, with so many options to choose from. I am potentially looking at starting the next leg of my life abroad (always been a dream). I have always claimed to be solar powered, so sun and sea is perfect for me. My boys are older and independent souls on their own journey now. So, Dubai, Spain what will it be? Who knows, maybe I will stick in England another year or so. I believe time will tell as good omens and the right opportunities present themselves. What I do know is 2017 is going to be healthy and fully of joy!

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