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30 Days Sugar Free

Posted by Carla Andrews on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Under: Carla's Sugar Free Transformation
Well what a month, January has flown by and with relative ease. My new sugar free life style has, dare I say been easy?! Well, I certainly didn't expect that!! I had stocked up with headache tablets, and reinforced the locks on the bathroom door so I could hide in the bath tub and die in peace. But, what do you know, not one negative symptom. In fact quite the opposite, a mental alertness from the moment I wake, to the moment I fall asleep. No lethargic afternoons here. It has been great for work too, no more lows in the afternoon. Although, I have re-evaluated my working practices as well, to make sure I can fit everything in. I now finish at 4pm, and hit the gym and then swim. Yes, that is right I said gym! And, I am loving it. 

I started at the beginning of January just swimming and walking. Thirty days on I have now added in Body Balance and weights. I can even run for three whole minutes, which for me is a real accomplishment. I would love to be able to run 5k charity events, so that is my next milestone I am working toward. Don't get me wrong, when I feel like I can't go on any further I hear Jessie Pavelka's voice in my head cheering me on. Now there's an incentive to push myself further if there ever was one. 

So, let's talk weight... after two weeks my Good Morning Britain live weigh in reported a 9 lbs weight loss. Two weeks later still, another 9 lbs. Oh my God! Why, oh why have I never tried this before, because I didn't have the right information that's why. Also, this time I have approached it as Dr. Pamela Peeke likes to call it from a 'Mind, Mouth & Muscle' approach. And, you know what it is the first plan that I believe it truly long term realistic. Also, Cheryl Forberg is a food Deity, her meals burst with flavour. No more eating cardboard breakfast cereals for me. 

People's responses have generally been good, people keep reporting that I am shrinking. Whoop whoop. Someone close to me is expecting me to be a size 12. Well you know what, I don't know what size I am going to be. It is not about size anymore for me, it is about my health. I want to be able to walk without getting out of breath, I want to feel alert all day, I don't want to die before I have truly kicked life in the butt. There is so much I want to achieve, it is not measurable in a dress size, it is only measurable by the memories I will create and the number of breathes I take. 

In : Carla's Sugar Free Transformation 

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