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6 Month Milestone

Posted by carla Andrews on Friday, June 19, 2015 Under: Carla's Sugar Free Transformation
The last 6 months has just flown by, I don't know if it is because I am packing so much into my life but I feel like I have achieved so much. I'm not just talking weight, I am talking things I never imagined possible. From my previous blogs you know that I received my very first medal back in April for swimming 2.5k. Well, I am very proud to announce that my medal no longer sits alone on my shelf, I now have one for running London City Mile last weekend. Whats more, I ran the mile in 10.48, a time that I am really pleased with as I was aiming for the 13 minute mark. My 5k Saturday Parkruns are improving too, with my new personal best at a cracking 37 minutes and 11 seconds. Remember 6 months back it took me over an hour to walk the 5k. I think it is safe to say that I now enjoy a good level of fitness. 

So, what's next I hear you cry. You better sit down, I don't want an injuries. Next, I am climbing Mount Snowdon in July. Yes, you heard me right. In all fairness it is a Motivated Minds Team event with Julie, Jane and myself. We are raising money for Cancer research, HOOP and a children's charity. 

I must say using my fitness to reach big achievements is challenging, fun and keeping me on my toes. I consider myself very lucky that in the last 6 months that I have formed many new friendships with people who have supported me on my journey.  

With all this positive going on in my life, I am really on a cloud nine. I feel great, better still I look great. The feedback I get from so many people is how healthy I look. Going clothes shopping for clothes that fit is no longer a chore, it is fun. The only trouble I have is the fact that I am only in my new clothes for a short time before they no longer fit. I have shrunk from a full size 24 to a 14/16 (depends on the shop). I can now wrap a towel around me and it actually goes round me. I can clothes from all retailers, no longer the 'fat' shops. I blend in a crowd, rather than being the morbidly obese one. I no longer ache at night, or walk around like an 80 year old. I can run upstairs without having to recover. Most of all I feel comfortable in my skin and I am very happy with my size. People often ask me how much weight I want to lose, and I still maintain I just want to be fit and healthy. If I lose another 40 or so lb I would be over the moon. However, I cannot say it is my goal, my goal is to just keep doing what I am doing and appreciate the now. When I was younger I took my body for granted and never appreciated the health I had, I always wanted to be slimmer, prettier etc. I am old enough not to actually appreciate what I am I am, however I am responsible for my health. 

What else is new, well fame has come my way, well okay not quiet, but from my last appearance on Good Morning Britain (2nd June) I've had a local newspaper, and national magazine write my story. I take great pride from this as I hope by sharing my story to a wider audience it will inspire more people into improving their wellbeing. Also, I am very fortunate to be meeting new people who take inspiration from my journey and have asked me to assist them on theirs. The feedback I have had melts my heart and I wish the people who have been inspired by me the very best.

Today's weight 13 stone 4lb! 

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