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Food, glorious food.

Posted by carla Andrews on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Under: Carla's Sugar Free Transformation
Winter has gone and spring is well and truly on it's way, which is reflective of how I feel. The hardest part is over - leaving my nice warm house to go and exercise, saying no to all those foods which I once ate in abundance. The sun has cracked through the clouds and all is good, and I have broke the back of the storm. My cupboards are now stocked with an array of healthy foods and my whole family is now following in tow.

Having dropped 2.5 stone, as of day one I have felt great, yet now I feel even better with a big bulk of my weight gone. I am starting to feel normal. I can do more too, physically I mean. Walking for miles is no longer an issue, in fact I am enjoying it. Every Sunday morning I walk the coastline with my fellow 'Exercise Buddies' and we natter the miles away. 4, 5 mile gone in a chat, and now we have that under our belts we are planning extending to 6, 7 miles, as well as whole days out walking 14 miles, and you know what I can't wait. During February I also added the exercise bike to my list of fitness activities. Cycling 10 miles a time, I can't wait for the weather to improve just a little more and to see if I am as good on the road as in the gym. I better purchase a helmet and knee pads if my LA experience is to go by. As I proved to myself, Jessie Pavelka and the crew in LA that I am not to be trusted on two wheels as I fell off and apparently did a very glamorous tuck and roll in Santa Monica.  So, wish me luck and give me a wide birth if you are driving past. 

Getting back on to food, I am still being very mindful. Watching everything I eat and recording it on 'my fitness pal'. Although I have upped my calories from 1200 to 1500, not everyday, but just if I am hungry. I have found out the more I workout sometimes I am left starving, so when I am hungry I eat. I still follow the same rules - no whites, no drinking my calories, and of course no meal skipping so adding 300 more calories to my diet if I need them is just giving me the additional nutrition my body needs. 

Tested & passed with flying colours when out with my family for dinner the other night. My little bro and my boys decided to end their carvery meal (which was quite healthy) with desert. Chocolate fudge cake with custard, chocolate brownie and ice cream sat before me. Were they nice about it, or did they tease me? They teased me, but do you know what, I didn't batter an eyelid. This means too much to me, it is like I have flipped a switch in my head that just say 'no thanks'. I sat there proud of the fact that I only had eaten turkey and a plate full of delicious vegetables. Okay, and the fact that I didn't have to wash-up. 

Do you know I have lost over 6 inches off my waist? Clothes that have hung in my wardrobe for years are fitting me again, and is it wrong to say that I am sad that some of my favourite dresses no longer fit. Can I be emotionally tied to a dress which I bought in Las Vegas? To be fair it was my first ever Calvin Klein, and although fat, I felt that I looked good in it. So what now for little (size 20/22) black dress. On the bright side there is no better feeling that getting into a new pair of jeans. 

The statement I hear most from people now is how much my face has changed, which is meant as a compliment, I guess I had never realised how much my face had filled out over the years. Again, always a confidence booster when people say that I look good but inside of me I scream 'wait to see my in a few more months'. I can't wait to see what my future fitness / body will bring as so far, 60 days in I am happier & healthier and tomorrow's forecast is sunshine too. 

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