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Opportunity of a lifetime.

Posted by Carla Andrews on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Under: Carla's Sugar Free Transformation
Just over two weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a friend had liked an ITV post. The post was entitled 'Are you ready to go sugar free?'. Let's face it, as someone who had always battled with weight issue for the last 17 years, I think it is safe to say that, yes, I was ready. But for me it would not be solely about eating cleaner and healthier, it would mean kicking my bad habits to lose weight and improve my level of fitness. So guess what, I applied. 

By the end of the week, I received a phone call from a lovely young man named Scott. He apologised for having to ask me personal questions, bless him, but there is no point in opening a can of worms unless you can be upfront and truthful. Yes, it hurts hearing yourself admit your weaknesses and faults, but I have learnt it has to be done to move on. Anyway we spoke for an hour or so, and at the end he said they would be in touch to see if I had got through to the next stage. 

Private numbers phone me all the time, 'good afternoon, Carla Andrews speaking', I broadcast with my professional voice. A chirpy voice introduces himself as Fred, you spoke to Scott yesterday, 'we would like to invite you to London to the final stages of interview'. What?! I could not believe my ears, I had got this far. I was asked to bring several things with me, an object that represents what this would mean to me and photos. Well, my mind was running at a hundred miles an hour, what could I take to represent what this would me? A packed suitcase? A dress that I had longed to get into? What resonated with me more than anything was my future, I wanted a future free from the burdens that being morbidly obese brings, mobility issues, possibility of early death, and the judgement of others. At the same sort of time I was going through this process, Gemma Colins from TOWIE was getting ridiculed in the press and on social media, may of the comments were personal attacks on her appearance, people can be so thoughtless and cruel. I too had experienced it, and it hurt but mine was as I sat in a restaurant, got on public transport, or went for a walk on the beach. No-one has lived in my shoes, so don't judge, I am not lazy and I am not gorging myself day and night. I just didn't focus on my physical self, or look after my physical needs as I should have. It all became an uphill struggle so buried myself into other projects. 

Anyway, back to the main point, I now had my interview. The object I decided would be a letter. I have always believed in the power of visualisation, and as one of my dreams was to go into my forties fit and healthy it seemed like a perfect opportunity. The letter started easy enough, but as I wrote on it became more personal, stuff that I never liked to admit. Tears flowed like a river. But then, my letter turned the corner, and I could feel proud, and ended with a smile.

On the day of the interview I decided to go into London early. One, because I have always been prompt, and two because last year I learnt the true beauty of London. Since a kid I had always traveled by tube, jumping off here, jumping on there. But last year there were tube strikes, so I decided to walk across the City of London. The beauty was remarkable. It taught me to slow down and appreciate what is so easy for us to take for granted. So here I was, hair straighten, make up on and stepping out of Fenchurch Station. Oh my God, London drizzle is mesmerising because of the mist that wraps itself around Tower Bridge, but it's a bloody nightmare when your trying to keep your hair frizz free and make up on and in place. Though I consider myself to be highly organised, umbrellas are just extra weight in my handbag, and my mind equates that rain is just water at the end of the day. So, I walked along Embankment to ITV studios in the rain, then found a place to settle down, have a nice hot chocolate and dry out. 

Text Santa was the buzz of the studios when I entered, with Phillip Schofield being an absolute star in his 24 hour charity marathon. Faces that I had seen on my TV were coming in and out as everyone was bouncing in the wave of happiness. My hair now dry, and doing its own wild thing as I sat watching people on a mission. Then I was greeted by the lovely Rebecca who guided me through studios, with the bursting elevators and a labyrinth of corridors into a small room with the friendly Scott and Fred. All three gave me the run down of the interview process, whilst doing their last preparations, we chatted and laughed about an array of things, I showed them one of my favourite dresses, photos, and of course I read my letter.

Throughout my hour and a half, I was baffled by the fact that several times they sincerely thanked me for coming. I was baffled because they were interviewing me for the opportunity of a lifetime, it was me that was thankful. After several handshakes and a hug goodbye, I left to enjoy my walk in the light rain again.

To be totally truthful with you I paced the next day, making sure my phone was in its optimum signal spot in my house. They had said that they would let me know by the end of the week, but I knew interviews had finished, I prayed and hoped I would hear. Then it came the private number with a cheerful Scott on the phone. After the standard greetings, I heard him say 'we want to invite you to Los Angeles'. He informed me of all the things we would be doing on our seven day adventure. Finally, he went on to add I could sleep on it, and that I didn't have to decide now. Please, I was packed by the end of the phone call!

Me being me, I called my friends and family and was on the phone for a solid two hours. And now my journey truly begins.


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