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Whilst we offer counselling, coaching and befriending online, we have also built up a number of other services too. Empower Hour, with our Managing Director, Carla Andrews MBE BCAh, runs every Sunday night (except bank holiday weekends) at 8pm. The interactive hour takes you through: Moan and Move ons, Wellness Wins, and a range of therapeutic tools to help reduce anxiety, stressless, improve sleep. To join, tune in at 8pm on our main Facebook page... 

You can also follow our page to support your mental health and wellbeing journey. 

If you would like to connect with other like minded people, in a private Facebook Group, #TeamMotivated is for you. This fantastic group of peers share their journeys to wellness, support one another and share lots of laughter. 

If you want to start a learning journey around mental health, then why not join our 'Be Well Tribe' to take on bite size learning in the 'Guides'. We also share free courses and links to help you take that learning journey even further. 

“I believe it’s important that we as a society do everything we can to support those who are experiencing a mental health condition. “As someone who has experience of a mental health condition I know full well what a debilitating impact mental illness can have on someone’s life. It was only when I built up the courage to share what was going on in my head that I was able to start the long road to improving my mental health.”

- Basildon Council Mental Health Champion, Cllr Andrew Gordon

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