Well You: Find Your Active

Getting active, for some can be essential 'me time'. For others it can seem daunting and be demotivating, even though the known benefits to body and mind are numerous. At Motivated Minds we want to support you to live your best healthy life, to help you not only find your active, but also maintain it. Offering an array of inclusive exercise buddy programmes and a dedicated facebook group, which offers online support and celebrates each mile stone. We are with you on your journey to a Well YOU!

Walk 4 Wellness

Why not join our Walk 4 Wellness meeting at HAPPY Hub: Basildon every Monday & Thursday at 12.45 to walk Gloucester Park. Everybody welcome!!


Supporting men's mental health is vital, so we offer two weekly sessions, one around bike maintenance, and one fishing (seasonal). Both sessions are hands on and offer an opportunity to focus on a task, whilst making new friends and sharing commonalities. 

MEN'd: Fishing meets @ Northlands Park Cafe @10am every Tuesday. RESTARTS MAY 2024

MEN'd: Bike Maintenance meets at HAPPY Hub: Basildon @10am every Friday. 

If you would like more information please email active@motivated-minds.co.uk

Tai Chi

Our latest addition, Tai chi which is a practice that involves a series of slow gentle movements and physical postures, a meditative state of mind, and controlled breathing. Join us every Monday at 11am. @ HAPPY Hub: Basildon. 

Seated Yoga

Fancy Seated Yoga? Join Vikki has she takes you through gentle stretches and movements every Thursday @ HAPPY Hub: Basildon at 11am. Then why not stay for meditation, starting at 12. 

Personal Challenges:

Ready to unleash your best self in 2024? Join Motivated Minds' incredible year-long adventure of personalised challenges designed to skyrocket your physical health goals. Variety is the spice of life! ️ Every month brings a fresh challenge to keep you engaged, whether it's one of our activities, or your own creation. 

Expert support at your fingertips. Our team is here to guide and motivate you every step of the way, ensuring you stay focused and crush your goals.

Celebrate your victories! Share your triumphs and connect with a supportive community in our exclusive Healthier You Facebook group.

Track your progress with a FREE Active Passport. Record your journey, visualise your achievements, and stay inspired for even greater things!

Don't just dream it, achieve it! Sign up today and unlock a year of:

  • Personalised guidance and support
  • Endless motivation and inspiration
  • A supportive community cheering you on
  • The chance to be your healthiest, happiest you!

Join the Motivated Minds family and transform your year into an extraordinary adventure!

Grab your FREE Active Passport to track your progress and celebrate your wins!



I enjoy meeting friends at the HAPPY Hub and then going on our walks as part of the Walk for Wellbeing programme. We all enjoy each other's company and it is very rewarding to our mental health that we are keeping active, I love my weekly walks! - KB

Our Get Active programmes and Personal Challenges are supported by our friends at Active Essex, who alongside Basildon Council and the Sport England ELDP fund help us make many of the programmes possible. We are also supported by a dedicated staff and volunteer team. If you would like to find out how to support us, getting people active and therefore living happier and healthier lives, please do get in touch with our Business Development Manager by emailing business@motivated-minds.co.uk  

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